Nintendo Switch Pro Reportedly Same Console Size With Larger 7-Inch Screen

The new Nintendo Switch Pro model will reportedly be announced in the coming weeks but not before leaks continue to oust details after details.

According to Spanish publication Vandal earlier today, an Asian peripheral manufacturer with access to the rumored console has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be roughly the same size as the original model. However, the new display will be larger, apparently up to 7 inches, by removing the black frames (bezels) that run around the screen of the current model.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch Pro will feature an OLED screen to replace the current LCD screen for 4K output just as previous rumors have stated.

Then there are aesthetic changes. Nintendo has reportedly designed its new 4K-supporting Switch model to have a Microsoft Surface-like openable flap for tabletop gaming. That and the microSD card slot will now be located on the side instead of the bottom for better accessibility.

Nintendo Switch Pro will be launching with a new dock as well which now includes an ethernet network port and two USB 3.0 ports over the current USB 2.0 ports.

As for a tentative launch window, Nintendo has once again be said to be looking for a launch around September or October before the 2021 holiday season begins. That being said, new reports are now suggesting that a worldwide launch might be unlikely. Due to manufacturing issues owing to the semiconductor crisis as well as COVID-19-related challenges, the Nintendo Switch Pro might possibly arrive in Europe a couple of months after the initial launch.

The current Nintendo Switch model is said to be discontinuing but the smaller Switch Lite will continue to be sold alongside the new console model which will reportedly retail over $300. Expect Nintendo to make an official announcement soon in order to give game publishers all the time they need to market their Nintendo games at E3 2021.

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