Nintendo Switch Pro Price Listed on Famous Retailer, 399€?

Since both Xbox and PlayStation have received new consoles in the form of Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, Nintendo fans have been wondering if they will also receive a much needed upgrade for Nintendo Switch too. We have been hearing about a more powerful Nintendo Switch for a while now but Nintendo never confirmed its existence officially.

Now, the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2 has started to appear on different retailers. Yesterday, a listing for the console was spotted on Amazon.

Apart from this, there have a been a couple of more European retailers with a new Nintendo Switch Listing. Now, a major retailer from France has even listed the price for Nintendo Switch Pro. The listed price is 399€. Now the listing might not confirm the actual price of the new console, but it does indicate a rough figure for the new console.

If the price of the Nintendo Switch Pro proves to be 399€ then it must be one hell of an upgrade as the digital version of PS5 is priced the same. There are reports that the new version of Nintendo Switch will be announced this week (based on the listings).

Nintendo has been actively trying to bring more third party AAA games from the famous developers and publishers to Nintendo Switch. However, despite of the fact that Nintendo Switch has a big user-base, its limited hardware is a big hurdle for many developers to bring their games to Nintendo Switch along with Xbox and PlayStation.

So a new, more powerful Nintendo Switch is badly needed. With all these report and rumors, it’s just a matter of time that we get the official announcement about the new console. But the question is, if the price is actually 399€ or 399$ for Nintendo Switch Pro, will you be ready to spend such amount on the new console?