Nintendo Switch Pro Rumored To Feature OLED, 4K Support, Higher Clock Speeds

Some new information has come to light about the highly rumored Nintendo Switch Pro model which stands to be a sizable upgrade for the hybrid console.

According to a well-known data miner (via ResetEra) earlier today, the latest Switch firmware update holds references (clues) to the new hardware of what is being dubbed as the Switch Pro.

Said to be code-named Aula, the new console upgrade will apparently be using a Mariko (Tegra X1+) SoC which is also being used by the existing Switch Lite and 2019 revision. The difference being that the Switch Pro will be pushing the clock speeds much higher to support 4K resolutions.

The Nintendo Switch Pro will furthermore be upgrading its display to an OLED according to data-mining, alongside better cooling and a longer battery life.

Aula has firmware support some Realtek chip that advertises itself as a “4K UHD multimedia SoC”, too, hence my belief it’s 4K. Aula explicitly supports handheld mode. It is not docked only; that’s calcio, which seems like it’s for internal only/never releasing since Calcio has no gamecard slot and no battery.

Last November, a report claimed that Nintendo might possibly be looking into a mini-LED upgrade for the Switch Pro. That stemmed rumors about a better backlit display with a better battery life. The same report also claimed that improved hardware will add support for 4K resolution which should work in tandem with the mini-LED for beautiful visuals.

Nintendo Switch Pro however remains to be officially announced. Rumors surrounding the upgraded console model have been surfacing for quite some time now with some alleged insiders having pointed out late 2020 launches. While that never happened, the impact of COVID-19 was blamed for throwing a wrench in pretty much every schedule. That being said, Nintendo was still being expected to announce the new hardware revision around the holiday season. That never happened as well.

Nintendo Switch Pro though does look to be seeing the light of day down the road.

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