New Details Emerge About Nintendo Switch Pro and Lite Models

New details have been leaked online about the rumored new models Switch models – Nintendo Switch Mini and Nintendo Switch Pro which are coming out this year, according to the recent report by Wall Street Journal. Citing the original report, Eurogamer released a new report based on its own sources. The reports verified those claims.

It was said that the Switch’s rumble functionality, vibration functionality and some other features will be removed but new details tell us that it’s going to be more than just that.

The latest information tells us that the cheaper version of the console, Nintendo Switch Mini, will be handheld only, therefore, ditching the main feature of the console which makes it a hybrid/handheld device. Switch Lite aka Switch Mini is aimed towards the younger audiences with a “kid proof” design and for those who liked 2DS’s low price and features.

As for Nintendo Switch Pro (for “avid videogamers”), it’s not going to receive a huge spec bump as compared to the current version of the console. Eurogamer and WSJ both have now confirmed that the Pro version will not be powerful as much as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

This means no 4K technology on the handheld for a while but this doesn’t come as a surprise due to the hardware inside. Switch Pro version is most likely to keep the hybrid features of the original console, unlike Nintendo Switch Lite.

However, the Switch Pro version will indeed be more powerful than the standard one and its power is being compared to the transition of old 3DS to the new 3DS.

As predicted before, one of the possible addition to the system will be increased storage capacity which is something the players want from a long time. It’s one of the few complaints the players have regarding the current version of Nintendo’s console.

It’s very much possible and it looks like Nintendo is going to end up following the course of 3DS if this all turns out to be true. Albeit, the big “N” seems to be not ready to talk about it any time soon as they responded to the rumors by saying: “We have made no announcements and we do not comment on rumor and speculation.”

The upcoming new hardware is expected to be announced at the upcoming E3 2019 event which takes place in June at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, United States.

The Switch has indeed turned out to be a massive success for the company and they can definitely reach more audiences by bringing a much cheaper version of the console in the market.

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