Report: Nintendo Switch Performance Will Be Less Compared To Standard PS4, Switch Uses Maxwell Based GPU

There are a lot of rumors on the internet surrounding Nintendo Switch and it seems that the rumors are not going to stop. Now a new rumor has made its way to the internet that suggests Nintendo Switch performance will be less compared to the standard PlayStation 4.

The rumor comes from Gamesbeat, who reports that two sources have confirmed that Nintendo Switch performance will be less than the standard PlayStation 4. The report further suggests that Nintendo Switch will be using a Maxwell architecture based graphics card as Nvidia’s Tegra processor is not yet ready for Pascal architecture which is used in the GTX 10 series graphics cards.

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Speaking of rumors, recently a rumor emerged on the internet that suggested Nintendo Switch will be able to play all the GameCube games through its Virtual Console service.

According to the report, Gamecube support has already been tested and its working as intended and three games have already been prepped for Nintendo Switch. These games are Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

There is another report that is making rounds on the internet that suggests that the dock for Nintendo Switch will increase the performance of the console.

According to the report, the reason behind the increase in Nintendo Switch performance will be due to another fan that will be activated when the dock is attached that will help cool the system allowing it to achieve a higher clock speed.

Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch in March 2017 but no specific release date or price has been announced by Nintendo which will be revealed during Nintendo Switch Presentation that will be held in January.

Source: GamesBeat

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