Nintendo Aims to Reduce Switch Packaging to Increase Supply

According to a new report by Nikkei, Nintendo is planning to reduce the outer packaging of Nintendo Switch to improve the supply of its handheld console.

Now, if you are wondering that how reducing packaging size can help in increasing the supply then by reducing the packaging size (by 20%), Nintendo will be able to move more Switch units in lesser space improving the transport.

In the latest financial report ending June 30, 2022, Nintendo reported decreased hardware sales due to limited component availability and supply chain issues. Sales were down by almost 23% year-on-year. That’s a considerable margin and now it seems like Nintendo is trying to reduce this deficit by unconventional ways. Nintendo is also expecting the component issue to resolve in the fall of 2022.

There were reports that Nintendo might increase the price of Nintendo Switch due to global economic situation however, Nintendo president has confirmed that despite the cost increase, they won’t be increasing the price of Nintendo Switch.

Fans have also been wondering about a new Nintendo console for a while now. While a new Nintendo Switch Pro rumors have been circulating for a while, Nintendo hasn’t officially announced anything yet. According to Nikkei, we shouldn’t expect any new hardware in fiscal year 2023. So it seems like that Nintendo wants to further improve the sales of Nintendo Switch as plans of a new gaming system is not expected anytime soon.

Nintendo Switch has already surpassed the lifetime sales of Wii U and it has more than 111M global sales so far. The console is expected to beat Gameboy’s lifetime sales which are around 118M soon. In Japan alone, Nintendo Switch has surpassed 25M units sold milestone.

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