Take-Two: We’re Very “Optimistic” And “Supportive” Of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the latest offering of Nintendo which launched in March of this year and the console itself has proved to be very successful for Nintendo. While initially third-party support for Switch was lackluster but, things are changing as Ubisoft, Capcom and other companies are bringing their titles to Nintendo Switch.

It seems that Take-Two Interactive is also looking to brings its titles to Nintendo Switch. During the company’s recent earnings call, CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that in last six months the company’s belief’s about the hybrid console have been changed and the company is very optimistic about Switch.

We were excited six months ago and supportive. We’re excited now. We have NBA 2K and WWE 2K coming for Switch. The sales have been great. We expect sales to continue to be great. We’re very optimistic around the platform. We’re very supportive of Nintendo. So, the only thing that’s changed in the last six months is our initial belief, has been reinforced by the early very strong results.

While Take-Two was not been direct about it but, the way they are praising the console, we might see titles from Take-Two coming to Nintendo Switch in the future.

While Capcom has announced a few titles for Nintendo Switch but, the studio is not just going to release its games for the hybrid console without evaluating it. According to Capcom, their strategy for Switch depends on Monster Hunter XX.

The Nintendo Switch seems to be doing very well, and we look forward to further growth in its install base. Beginning with Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Nintendo Switch Ver. for Japan, we are evaluating how we will support this platform in the future.

Also, there are other third-party games, like WWE 2K18 and FIFA 18, will release for the hybrid console this fall. Also, developers have assured that WWE 2K18 for Switch will not be based on last-gen consoles as FIFA 18 will be.

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