Now That Nintendo Switch Mini Is Leaked, When Is The Release Date?

Rumors have been going on for a while now that Nintendo has been working on Switch variants; the Switch Mini and the Switch Pro. There has also been a lot of speculation going on about Switch Mini’s reduced price and release date.

In recent months, rumors have been consistently pointing towards the Switch Mini and Switch Pro. The Switch Mini is the less powerful version of the current Switch console but is comparatively more affordable. It is known to be the budget option. On the other hand, we have the Switch Pro, a more powerful version of the current Switch but also more expensive.

Nintendo has, of course, denied a majority of these rumors. In the months pertaining to E3 2019, Nintendo even confirmed that fans won’t get to the Switch variants at the event. And now, according to a leak by video game accessory manufacturer HonSon, we have a rough idea of what the Switch Mini could look like when it releases.

When Will Nintendo Switch Mini Come Out?

Well, this is the million dollar question, isn’t it? Nintendo Switch mini is the same Switch but with somewhat toned down hardware. It isn’t a mid-gen upgrade but the idea is behind is the same, give players another option. It is more in line with Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Usually, companies release such products during the Fall season.

The same should be expected from Nintendo Switch Mini. Nintendo will most likely try to bank on the fall sales wave with Switch Mini.  All in all, the release date for Nintendo Switch isn’t far away since accessories are already leaked, available to purchase at some retailers.

Recently, HonSon posted a product listing update on its website. The listing included several accessories for the Switch Mini such as tempered glass screen protectors, protective carry cases, and more. The product listing can be found here.

As you can see in the leak, the Switch Mini has permanently fixed controllers. They are built directly into the system. It also features a compact and sleek grey design. The material appears to be plastic. Even though the leak doesn’t show it, it is likely the Switch Mini won’t have dock support. Which will mean that players will only be able to play games directly on the Switch Mini. All of this could be a huge factor in the reduction of Switch Mini’s price from the current base Switch variant.

While speaking to Nintendo Life, a representative at HonSon spoke about the Switch Mini accessories listing. Reportedly, HonSon has manufactured these accessories based on “secret” information given by Nintendo. The representative also revealed that these accessories haven’t gone into production as of yet. They are waiting for Nintendo to officially confirm and announce the Switch Mini designs. HonSon will then “adjust the model to ensure it can perfectly suit the console”. Based on Nintendo’s secret information, HonSon says the Switch Mini is “a little smaller” than the current base version.

In a recent report, Wall Street Analyst Harlan Sur said: “We expect season growth for the remainder of the year”. In April, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed the company is always working on something new. He also revealed that the launch period is still unknown as of yet. Nintendo is meanwhile working on getting government approvals for Switch sales in China. It is likely we will get a confirmation of the Switch Mini’s price and release date once those approvals come through.

Since HonSon says they acted on the secret information about the Switch Mini given to them by Nintendo, this cannot be considered as a leak. HonSon also hasn’t removed these listings from its website. Just to be clear though, the images in the listing are not the finished Switch Mini designs.

Since Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything official about the price, release date, or even the existence of the Mini and Pro Switch variants, it is best to take all of this with at least a grain of salt. All of this is speculation at this point.