Nintendo Switch Mini and Pro Speculation Reignites Thanks to Analysts

Since the beginning of 2019 we have heard a mountain of reports that new models of the Nintendo Switch will be coming out. Unfortunately Nintendo has declined all reports for the time being. The latest rumor now comes from comments that were made by analysts in relation to Nvidia’s latest fiscal reports.

NVidia is the creator of the Tegra X1 chipset which is the chipset that currently powers the Nintendo Switch. According to the recent financial report that NVidia has done the sales for this chipset has dropped.

But according to the CEO of NVidia Jensen Huang, the sales will increase soon. Although he didn’t specify his reason behind this, but this could be a sign that we have a new Switch model on the way.

If we go back to all the previous reports on the Nintendo Switch mini or Pro, Nintendo is in fact creating an upgraded version of the Switch. In a report, Wall Street Analyst Harlan Sur said:

“We expect season growth for the remainder of the year”.

This was referring to the next generation of the Nintendo switch. Which is unofficially dubbed the Switch Pro. Christopher Rolland then weighed in on this saying that Nintendo is “expected to launch a cost-reduced version of the device”. The nerfed version that is meant for budget gamers is unofficially dubbed as the Switch mini. So Rolland’s comments about the switch mini and the rumors actually do line up.

Unfortunately it is hard to say whether Nintendo will be continuing to keep quiet about  whether we will be receiving a new Switch. The only way we will know for sure is if we get a formal announcement from Nintendo themselves which they seem reluctant to do.

But history may very well repeat as back in 2016 when the Nintendo Switch was officially launched. There had been a ton of rumors prior and although a lot weren’t true, some turned out to be spot on.

But from what we know so far, Nintendo has no announcement or plans to announce either the Switch Pro or the Switch Mini during E3 2019. There were also a lot of sources stating that the Switch mini is the successor to the 3DS but there is no way of knowing if that is true either.

The last big rumor was that the Switch mini would be coming out in June but I see no plans of that happening anytime soon.