The Nintendo Switch Lite Announced; Release Date, Price and More

Nintendo has now unveiled the newest member of its family. This was presented in the form of the Nintendo Switch Lite. One we originally thought to be called the Switch mini. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a completely handheld variant of the Nintendo Switch. It will release worldwide on the 29th of September later this year.

Here’s an informative video detailing the features of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The key feature to classify the Switch Lite as a separate console from the Nintendo Switch is the handheld dedication. The Nintendo Switch Lite is more portable than the Switch. It can be fit into your jacket or pocket. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the lite doesn’t come fitted with Joy Cons. Instead, the controls are attached to the console itself.

It’s reminiscent of the Nintendo DS. A portable handheld version of the Nintendo Switch. As such, it will run most of the games you find on the Switch. Games like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey or Smash Ultimate. The Nintendo Switch Lite can’t run every Switch game though. This is identified by a detail on the back of every Switch game. One that mentions if it’s compatible on the Lite or not.

This is due to the Nintendo Switch Lite not having the motion controls of the Switch. As I mentioned before, the Switch Lite won’t have Joy Cons with it. However, Joy Cons from a Switch can be connected to the Switch Lite. This means you can most likely play the motion control needing games. I can’t confirm that though, since it wasn’t addressed in the video.

The Nintendo Switch Lite also has some minor model differences. The obvious one was how both sides of the controls are attached to the screen. This makes it a more singular handheld device. As opposed to the Nintendo Switch that you can assemble and detach at will.

The directional buttons that used to be on the left Joy Con are also not there. Instead, we’re given a classic arrow D-pad on the left. One reminiscent of the older Nintendo consoles.

Another feature highlighted in the video was TV connectivity. The Nintendo Switch Lite will NOT connect to your TV. That’s what your Nintendo Switch is for. The Switch Lite is a strictly handheld device.

The Nintendo Switch Lite does have multiplayer. The video showcased gameplay within proximity. If you and your friend both have a Lite, you can play together. A fashion similar to the multiplayer cable of the gameboy advance. Wireless this time.

The Nintendo Switch Lite had Joy Con compatibility as well. This means local multiplayer can be an option as well. This again depends on the game’s compatibility with the Nintendo Switch.

While this is a new console, I wouldn’t consider it the next Nintendo console. It’s more like a variant of the last one, hence the shared name. It’s like the Switch’s version of the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X.

That being said, the Nintendo Switch Lite’s graphical capability wasn’t specified. It’s safe to assume it has the same potential as the Switch in handheld mode. Though making it higher end in performance will definitely be a good marketing strategy. Otherwise why even get the Lite when the Switch is already portable?

The idea does seem a bit redundant. Even the video itself showcased some people using the regular Nintendo Switch. My guess is that the Lite was made for those who still haven’t bought a Nintendo Switch. They now have an option presented to them. In case they wanted more sleeker portability.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will release on the 29th of September later this year. You can visit the official Nintendo website for more details.

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