Nintendo Switch Lite Coral is Already Sold Out

A Nintendo Switch Lite Coral shortage has occurred as the latest version has sold out in Japan. Nintendo launched the coral-colored Switch on March 20.

Nintendo recently announced a Nintendo Switch based on the coral color. The hand-held device was released on March 20 to accompany the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This new version of the Nintendo Switch has sold out in all major cities of Japan in just 2 days.

As of right now, all online Japanese retailers have listed the product as ‘Out of Stock’. These major retailers include Rakuten Books, Bic Camera, My Nintendo Store, 7Net, Yodobashi Camera and Amazon Japan. This means that a Nintendo Switch Lite Coral shortage has occurred in the market.

However, other Nintendo Switch Lite colors such as gray, yellow and turquoise blue are still available in the market. This means that people have taken a liking to the Coral version of the Nintendo Switch. It could also be that due to the coronavirus situation, Nintendo isn’t able to produce anymore Nintendo Switch Lite Coral versions.

The ongoing coronavirus situation has caused severe damage to human health and industries alike. The gaming industry, in particular, has been hit hard form this pandemic. People familiar with the supply chain of the Nintendo Switch claimed that people can expect an upcoming shortage due to the current situation.

In this case, people seem to like the coral version of the Nintendo Switch which has caused it to sell out. However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t see a shortage in Switch units later on. Though it is unclear when that shortage may specifically occur.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out on the 20th of March. The game has received universal praise from fans and critics. The release of this game seems to be a big factor in this shortage that has occurred.

Whatever the case may be, New Horizons is definitely a must-buy for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts. If you wish to know how to store items in New Horizons you can check out our guide here. You can also check out our Amiibo guide for the newly released Animal Crossing game as well.