Nintendo Switch Has Passed The Total Wii U Game Sales In Less Than Two Years

Nintendo Switch manages to reach a new level, surpassing the game sales of the Wii U in 18 months. And that is just the beginning for the hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch has managed to dethrone Wii U from its place in the best selling consoles’ list a few months ago, showing just how popular Nintendo’s new console is in a year and a half. Now, Switch manages to reach another level, surpassing the total game sales of the Wii U in 18 months. And that is just the beginning for the hybrid console.

According to the Game Data Library through Twitter, the retail software sales of Nintendo Switch have managed to surpass that of 5 years of sales on the Wii U in less than two years. Retail sales mostly translate to games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon and such.

As for the digital sales of Nintendo Switch, Game Data Library pointed out that “digital total software sales of Wii U in Japan are at 15m, Switch was at 16m by the end of June, should be around 18m-19m by now”.

Setting the numbers aside and just consider the amount of progress Nintendo Switch has made since its release, the sky is the limit for the hybrid console. Everyone knows that in terms of handheld gaming, Nintendo is the best solution for generations now, and that stands for this one too despite the fact that mobile gaming is still winning every war in sales.

After each major release on Nintendo Switch, the chart will only go higher. Not only because the games released are unique and the gap between retail and digital for the Switch is incredibly small, but also because the console has managed to gain millions of dedicated fans, waiting for the next title to invest in. With that in mind, there’s no question as to why Nintendo Switch is expected to exceed 3DS sales soon.

What games do you own for Nintendo Switch? Do you believe it can dethrone more older consoles on its journey to becoming a console owned by everyone?

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