Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0 References Updated Model With A New SoC

Nintendo has been supporting its flagship console, Nintendo Switch, with first-party titles and frequent firmware updates that bring new features, fixes and this time the recently released Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0 has references towards an updated model of the hybrid console with a new SoC.

The references for an updated Switch model with a new Soc in Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0 were noticed by the team over at Switchbrew. Speculations are Nintendo might be updating the SoC due to the hardware vulnerability that allows for all Switch firmware to be hacked even a future firmware can be hacked.

This comes shortly after Nintendo revealed that it has no plans for Switch hardware update as the company focuses to support the console long term. However, the updated SoC doesn’t mean the hardware is being upgraded instead, the company is making sure that Switch remains hack proof in the future.

What it will mean that Nintendo Switch with current SoC will become rare and will also become way more expensive due to their tendency to be hacked and letting its users run homebrew code on it.

In related news, there have been many rumors regarding Diablo 3 being in development for Nintendo Switch, however, Blizzard Entertainment has denied that Diablo 3 is in development for Switch.

Following the statement from Blizzard Itself, it was clear that the game is not coming to Switch but, according to a report, Diablo 3 is coming to Switch despite Blizzard denying it.

Furthermore, if you feel like the handheld mode display is too small for you then you can turn Switch into  Switch XL. A Youtuber was able to create the Nintendo Switch XL by using creativity and £350.

The Youtuber used a 15.5-inch 1080p USB powered display and combined the components to the back with velcro. He also used portable batteries to power the display and FastSnail Switch dock.

What do you think of Nintendo updating Switch with a new SoC? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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