Nintendo Switch Exceeds Wii U Lifetime Sales

The Nintendo Switch has been breaking all expectations lately and with the news that it has already outsold its older brother, the disappointing Wii U, in total units shipped within such a short time means that the sun is only shining for Nintendo from here on out.

Nintendo also reports that this has been its most profitable quarter since 2009 back when it was selling the immensely popular original Wii console, which went on to sell over 100 million units since its launch.

The Nintendo Wii U console was first available back in November 2012, sold an estimated 13.56 million units during its lifespan before it was officially discontinued sometime in January of 2017.

The Nintendo Switch, within a short span of 10 months managed to rake up over 14.86 million in sales as of December 2017 according to a forecast report published on the finance section of Nintendo’s official site.

Officially outselling the Wii U console despite it having been on sale for 5 years back when it was in production from 2012-2017.

This huge demand for the Switch console has had a big impact of course on Nintendo’s profits with them reporting that they now have an operating profit of upwards of 116.50 billion yen ($1.07 billion) for its third quarter.

Another interesting thing to note is that over 52.7 million Switch games have been sold so far with Super Mario Odyssey coming out on top with 9.07 million sales, despite only releasing last October, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2, which sold 7.33 million and 4.91 million copies respectively.

Nintendo expects that Nintendo Switch sales will cross 20 million this year and with Bayonetta 3 and Nintendo Labo on the horizon, it looks like Nintendo will reach that lofty goal.

Contributor at SegmentNext.