Nintendo Switch Dock No Longer On Sale At Nintendo Online Store Following Scratching Issues

After reports of numerous issues with the Nintendo Switch dock, it seems like the accessory has been removed from the Nintendo online store and is currently not for sale.

In order to connect the handheld to a TV, the Nintendo Switch dock is a must have stationary device with connections for HDMI, USB and power. Unfortunately, shortly after launch many users started reporting that the dock was actually damaging their console.

The Nintendo Switch dock is made of hard plastic shell and plugging in the handheld console covers a decent portion of the screen with the dock’s plastic walls. No matter how careful a person is, it eventually ends up causing hairline scratches on the Nintendo Switch display.

With time, the scratches can not only spread but also result in permanently damaging the screen since it isn’t glass protected. For this very reason, screen protectors have also appeared on the market alongside some DIY solutions so that the Nintendo Switch can be protected from harm.

It is surprising that such issues weren’t discovered during QA testing of the console, if there was any. Within the first few attempts of docking and undocking the Nintendo Switch, anyone can see how difficult it is to not get the screen scratched.

There is no official confirmation from Nintendo regarding this dock removal so it could be simply an error. However, if the company is indeed trying to fix this issue, perhaps the next iteration of the dock will have some protective padding inside it to prevent similar issues.

Whether the new iteration of the dock, if it does happen, will be given for free to those who already bought one or not remains to be seen.

This issue is far from being the only one plaguing Nintendo Switch, which was released less than a week ago. A whole 12 minute video has been dedicated which highlights a lot of problems ranging from dead pixels and consoles to controller desync issues.

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