Nintendo Switch Is Designed As A Single Display Experience

Nintendo has revealed its much rumored and anticipated console, Nintendo Switch. While the console has been revealed, but still there is much to be revealed by Nintendo about their console. However, there is still one question that lingers in the minds of the Nintendo fans that will the console function similar to that of Wii U’s GamePad.

Wii U’s GaemPad served as both the controller and as a second game screen, which could also be used for displaying secondary information, different perspective or even to play games without a TV. So it comes as no surprise that gamers are wondering that will the Nintendo’s upcoming console function like this.

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Well Nintendo has clarified it to Polygon, that Nintendo Switch is designed for a single screen experience so it won’t function similar to Wii U’s GamePad.

Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose.

Nintendo has also detailed the backwards compatibility for its upcoming console and also the battery life. According to Nintendo, Nintendo Switch will not support Wii U’s and Nintendo 3DS’ physical media so their games will not be backwards compatible, however, there is still a possibility the digital versions will be backwards compatibility.

As for the battery timing, according to the company, battery timing for Nintendo Switch is quite long, as the console was designed so that users could play games as long as possible, even at those places where users don’t have access to a power outlet.

While Nintendo has revealed that dozens of third party publishers and developers have partnered for their upcoming console. However, Ubisoft have been quite supportive of the console, saying that it could redefine gaming with its unique design.

Nintendo Switch will be available in March 2017, however, no specific date or price has been announced by Nintendo.

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