Nintendo SNES Mini Classic Coming Out Soon, Buyers Get 2 Controllers Out Of The Box

It seems that the SNES Classic was not the end. It was a success and even though it was a limited edition console, it was still hard to get your hands on one. In the end, Nintendo stopped production entirely. Now we are getting reports of an upcoming Nintendo SNES Mini Classic.

The SNES first released on November 21, 1990. If you are familiar with the console and are interested in buying one of these consoles then here is your chance to get the upcoming Nintendo SNES Mini Classic. This will be smaller and you will get 2 controllers out of the box.

With the extra controller, you will be able to share the nostalgia with a friend or spouse. When the console first came out it offered better video and audio quality. It was also the first time that the L and R buttons were introduced.

Nintendo SNES Mini Classic will use USB and HDMI, so it will work with modern TVs and displays that we are used to today. There should be no compatibility issues. There is a huge library of games that you will be able to play. Some of them are as follows:

Nintendo SNES Mini Classic

If you are an 80s kid then you might want to get your hands on one of these when they come out. The release date is October 5 for Japan, September 29 for the US, and the price is set at $ 79.9. Seeing how quickly the previous classic sold out I doubt that these will remain on shelves for long.

The console if for sentimental value and just for the fun of it rather than something to compete with modern day consoles. I think that is pretty clear. Let us know what you think about the Nintendo SNES Mini Classic and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these retro consoles.

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