Nintendo Announces Super Mario 3D All-Stars For Franchise’s 35th Anniversary

Nintendo has pulled out all of the stops to wish Mario a happy birthday this year, including the release of a new compilation of some of the best Mario 3D titles. The collection, called Super Mario 3D All-Stars, will have Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy all together.

The collection was announced at a special Mario Nintendo Direct early today, alongside a number of other various Mario-related announcements such as Super Mario Bros 35 (a battle royale game), Mario Kart Live, Super Mario 3D World for the Switch, and the Super Mario All-Stars collection.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars not only includes all three of the featured games upgraded to modern standards, the games have also been optimized to run on the Nintendo Switch, so you should have no trouble in playing them just like the old days.

Each of the three games in Super Mario 3D All-Stars took the Super Mario franchise to new heights, along with being amazing games in general. Super Mario 64 was the first-ever 3D Mario game bolstered by the Nintendo 64.

Super Mario Sunshine redoubled that effect by placing Mario in a much bigger and grander open world full of platforming and other challenges, rather than the small environments that 64 had done. And Super Mario Galaxy took it even higher by adding a large number of new challenges and obstacles that are classic Mario mechanics today.

However, interestingly, you won’t have very much time to download the game if you really want to play all three. The Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection will only be available for the next six months, and will apparently no longer be available after March of 2021. While six months is a long time, you should probably still hurry and get it if you want it.

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on September 18. Be sure to check out the Direct for yourself for the many other Mario games coming up.