Nintendo to Publish Visual Content Under “Nintendo Studios” And “M Brother Productions”

If you are a Nintendo fan then you must already know that the gaming giant is working with Illumination to bring a Super Mario animated movie to its fans. The movie, which was scheduled to be released in December, 2022 has now been delayed to April 7, 2023.

Recently, Nintendo has been trying to explore the visual content niche including movies and animations and they want to bring more movies for the fans based on their IPs and franchises. The untitled Mario movie is going to be the first step in that direction. In one of their recent investors Q/A, Shigeru Miyamoto said:

I have great expectations for the Super Mario CG-animated film. For decades, our approach has been to bring smiles to consumers by creating each product with great care. With visual content as well, we want to continue to create content that bring smiles to generations of consumers around the world. We recently announced the film release date because production is getting closer to completion. Going forward, we want to actively utilize other IP as well. With visual content, people can experience Nintendo IP in a variety of places, so I think it’s good to have a lot of content that is accessible for people who do not have a dedicated game device. However, we want to continue to make each title with care, so I cannot talk about a specific number. We want to work diligently to build up a strong offering.

Now, it seems like Nintendo has established atleast two companies under which they will publish their visual content including the upcoming Illumination Mario movie. The companies are titled “Nintendo Studios” and “M Brothers Productions”.

Since these new labels are in place by Nintendo, it’s safe to assume that Nintendo is entering the visual entertainment niche with a plan and we will see more animations/movies based on other Nintendo franchises. I for one, would be interested in a Zelda movie or animation.

Since Nintendo has a lot of fan-base, visual content on these franchises could be a massive hit. However, we should keep in mind that historically, movies on video game franchises haven’t been able to do as expected. We hope that it will be different for Nintendo and we receive better movies/animations from Nintendo.

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