Nintendo Sold 196,000 Mini NES Units In November

NPD report blasted with Nintendo MINI NES number of units sold reached 196,000 in November alone. MINI NES is commonly known as NES Classic Edition which went on sale again in November and sold like hot cupcakes until systems ran out of stock in the market.

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MINI NES is the miniature replica of Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES) video game console by Nintendo which launched on November 10, 2016 in Australia and Japan, November 11, 2016 in North America and Europe and November 23, 2016 in Russia.

Based on the emulation software, the console includes a static library of 30 built-in games from the licensed NES library, including few third-party titles, with writable storage only to save video game progress/save states.

Currently, fans are looking forward that Nintendo hopefully will refill the market with tons of Mini NES console again, since Holiday is approaching and quite good amount of people wish to spend time with a Mini NES. But, at this moment it is unclear whether the stock will get replenished or not.

To assure fans, Nintendo promises to bring back more stock of Mini NES Classic edition.

The console sold out within hours, it is interesting to note that official price of console is tagged at $60 USD but the scarcity of units has caused a market manipulation. If you look at eBay Mini NES will be found prices at $225 USD: now that is pure panic out of shortage.

What you make of the situation, will the console see a restock? Or will the people continue to sell their already owned consoles at exorbitant prices all over internet? Will you buy at high price or wait for stock replenishment? Let us know what you think about it in comments below.

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