Nintendo Security Breach Might Have Compromised Your Account

Recent stories on Twitter and Reddit have apparently let loose information that a Nintendo security breach has occurred, compromising many accounts. If you have a Nintendo account, you might want to enable two-factor authentication for it, or change your password, as we don’t know how many accounts were affected yet.

Twitter user Pixelpar was the one who broke the story, saying that his account was accessed multiple times over the course of the previous night. Many people similarly affected are advocating that people unlink their PayPal accounts and enable two-factor authentication.

Having your account breached can allow whoever breaches it to make false purchases with your money, along with messing around with your settings and doing things to your account that you wouldn’t normally do. This could result in them emptying your bank account by buying games and microtransactions that aren’t even used for your games.

While the Nintendo security breach may not be too bad right now, there’s no telling how many accounts were affected or what those that broke into them actually did. Even if you weren’t affected yet, there’s no telling when your account might be broken into if it does.

Enabling two-factor authentication is definitely something else you should do, because even if you do change your password, if Nintendo’s security has been breached your account may end up still getting hacked if the hacker can see your passwords being changed, even if they’re unique, randomly-generated strings of numbers.

Two-factor authentication is an additional security measure that some companies have taken in order to protect their customers from hacking attempts. While it may be rather annoying to have to put in an additional code after their password, it would definitely be worth it.

Hopefully Nintendo is eventually made aware of this Nintendo security breach and deals with it quickly, but in all seriousness be sure to increase the security on your account and remove ways that you could be taken advantage of in it like a PayPal account.