Nintendo Says We’ll Still Have Doom Eternal On Switch

Nintendo recently confirmed in a newsletter that we would still be getting Doom Eternal on Switch, though there's no official date yet.

Nintendo has confirmed recently that despite a lack of information about it, Doom fans will still be getting Doom Eternal on the Switch when it releases, sometime this year. The news came from the latest Nintendo Newsletter, which brought up multiple games that would be getting Switch ports this year.

Alongside Doom Eternal, the games included The Outer Worlds, Panzer Dragoon, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Minecraft Dungeons, and No More Heroes 3. Doom Eternal is supposed to come out in March of this year, so it’s likely the one that will be coming the soonest out of all of those games.

Doom has had something of a slow history on the Nintendo Switch, as the reboot of the game took a while before being ported over to the console as one of its many third-party games. Since then, however, the vintage Doom games have also been ported to the Switch, so it’s no surprise that id Software wanted to put Doom Eternal on Switch too.

Doom Eternal promises to step the scale up from the original game, and seems to be doing so, as the Doom Slayer will travel to many different locations, brutally kill hordes of demons, and go into an even deeper story than the original game showed us when it released.

Along with this, the game is getting a new version of multiplayer, which will allow players from other games to “invade” your own game as demons that you’ll have to kill, adding a new level of challenge at random intervals throughout the game.

We’ll also be fighting all-new demons (or at least, ones that were originally from the older games in the franchise) such as the Arch-Vile, the Parademon, and the Slayer-Killer, all of which can be killed in entirely new and inventive ways.

You can expect Doom Eternal to come out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on March 20, with Doom Eternal on Switch coming out later this year.

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