Nintendo Russia CEO Allegedly Has Alcohol Issues and Used 1-2 Switch As a Drinking Game With Booth Girls

Over the weekend Nintendo Russia CEO went under investigation over a leaked video of him abusing co-workers. There are allegations of him harassing ex-employees and creating a hostile work environment for his peers. Nintendo has shared a statement about the situation and vowed strict action in case he is found guilty

However, Nintendo may have to look into more than just the aforementioned issues. New accusations have surfaced that are hard to digest. An ex-marketing manager at Nintendo Russia revealed how one time the CEO used 1-2 Switch as a drinking game with Booth girls. On his Twitter, Konstantin Govorun created an entire thread where he revealed many details about his work experience with Yasha. Below is the summary and translation of the thread:

1: Yasha has alcohol issues and suffers from paranoia

2: He has accused employees and collaborators of trying to poison him and sabotage his events

3: He refuses to take responsibility for his actions and plays the victim card often

4: He tested 1-2 Switch as a drinking game with booth girls

5: He throws parties during E3 at hotels and often the hotel complaints of his behavior. Often the hotel calls the security and Yasha than asks everyone (including NoE marketing director) to hide under the bed as if nothing had happened

6: Booth girls at Nintendo events are chosen by Yasha and he often asks for a catalog with pictures. He crosses out anyone he doesn’t like

7: He makes no effort to help his employees

8: Underperforming employees aren’t fired, instead, they are shifted to smaller tasks such as cleaning the shelves and sending identical 5000 emails

9: He lives in Russia but is a French patriot and doesn’t tolerate political discussion among his employees

10: Yasha doesn’t take kindly to people mispronouncing his name

11: Yasha called Govorun a “cross-dresser” after looking at his cosplay one time

12: Yasha often sits in the jury of cosplay events and is known to ask girl’s phone numbers in case they need to be driven home later

After International media paid attention to the story last week, one hoped that Yasha would reconsider his actions. However, reports from current-employees confirm that Yasha isn’t taking any of this seriously. One employee stated that “Yasha really walks and laughs” while another person said that he “doesn’t give a f**k about any of this.”

Some say Yasha has strong connections in Nintendo of Europe and can avoid dismissal from the company.

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