New Nintendo Patent Points at Official Smartphone Game Boy Emulator in Case

As said by Reggie, Nintendo is always trying to innovate and reinvent themselves. A new patent has been now discovered by Silliconera which points at the official smartphone Game Boy emulator within a case.

The patent points at a smartphone case with touch capabilities in the US. It looks like a case which will fit on your mobile devices and most probably, will let you play Game Boy games. This patent was filed back in March 2018.

Now the interesting feature of this Game Boy case is the ability for the inputs done by the buttons to be sensed by a touchscreen beneath. According to the patent, the game screen will be opened as seen below. It will allow you to attach it to your phone and play whenever you like. The button design and layout is also based on the original Game Boy.

This case will also have an open source for the camera to work along with speakers of the phone. Ports at the bottom of the phone will also have an open space.

Nintendo also says that this case will not only be limited to mobile devices only. Instead, you will be able to play it even on Tablets and other entertainment devices.

This is really an interesting find and looks like official Game Boy emulator is finally in the works.

President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, Reggie Fils-Aime recently made it clear to everyone that Nintendo doesn’t consider Microsoft or Sony as its competitor. This is because Nintendo takes itself as an entertainment company instead of just gaming. Nintendo is further planning to launch new products in different sectors of the media.

Reggie also talked about their team efforts to bring Nintendo characters to mobile devices including Super Mario Run. He talked about his past and mentioned that if it wasn’t for Wii U, there would have been no Nintendo Switch.

Now if you are a fan of Nintendo then there’s an exciting news for you. It has been reported that Nintendo is planning to launch a new version of Switch in 2019 and it’s most likely to have an upgraded LCD.

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