Nintendo Offers Gifts to Make Up for Animal Crossing Issues

Animal Crossing released on mobile devices recently and one would think Nintendo would be expecting and ready to handle the rush of players. However, sadly, that was not the case. Soon after the game went live players flooded Animal Crossing and it caused issues.

Animal Crossing issues were reported by a number of players soon after the game released but thankfully, Nintendo is looking into it and is going to fix the problems. The players are still facing issues as server-side issues are yet to be resolved.

But Nintendo is offering an apology along with 20 Leaf Tickets to the players. An in-game message posted by Nintendo reads:

The issue is still occurring intermittently but please be aware that we are investigating it and will resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you to those users who have contacted us or left feedback regarding this issue

Leaf Tickets are Animal Crossing’s premium in-game currency so we can’t consider this a bad apology. The leafs can be obtained by anyone logging into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s within the next month.

Mostly designed for a young audience, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a simulation game with classic crafting and building features as well as managing the visits of different animals on your campsite.

The game is now available for Android and iOS, you can download the game from Play Store and the App Store. The game is available to download for free on both types of devices.

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