Nintendo NX Will Balance Power with Third Party Support, But May Not Have the Best Hardware

The exact nature of the Nintendo NX is still very much a mystery (except that it exists, and is some...

The exact nature of the Nintendo NX is still very much a mystery (except that it exists, and is some kind of a gaming platform), which has led to nearly endless number of predictions and rumors of what it is about.

At times, folks have relied on patents, while other times just plain rumors and guesses to keep ourselves interested.

Examiner managed to record an interesting query related to the Nintendo NX during an open Q&A with SuperData’s analysts. The folks inquired about the direction the console was heading in – whether or not it would have third party support, or if Nintendo was instead looking for a powerful gaming system.

The reply, was a classic case of ‘why not both!’ by SuperData Research’s Joost van Dreunen.

“All of the above. There is no reason to go one way and not the other way. The critical component is the relationships. Nintendo will continue to hold high standards for its third party developers, that’s not going away. At it’s core, it’s a game company and will always look for the polished, high-quality experiences…Will it be the latest and greatest [hardware]? Probably not…Nintendo will most likely always be pursuing a more casual audience.”

It’s a rather generic answer, and seems like one that would just cater to a wide array of questions instead of revealing concrete features of the console. Still, the true worry for most gamers would be the last couple of sentences. Targeting casual audiences is fine, but it’s what sets apart the previous Nintendo consoles like the Wii U from Sony and Microsoft’s flagship gaming platforms.


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