Nintendo NX Showing To Be Via 3 Minute Video: Nintendo

Nintendo NX showing is set for later today via a 3-minutes long video.

Nintendo NX reveal was announced earlier by Nintendo of America. The company mentioned that it would reveal a trailer for Nintendo NX later today. It has just been revealed that Nintendo NX trailer would be 3 minutes long video.

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The contents of the video are any one’s guess right now but it is safe to say that we aren’t looking at a full blown briefing for the NX. We should probably expect to see an upcoming games montage along with a glimpse of the hardware itself.

Nintendo would probably tease the machine for the next few days before talking more about Nintendo NX.

There have been so many rumors and leaks about Nintendo NX that it is next to impossible right now to figure out what this device would be like. We have been told that Nintendo NX will use cartridges, it would be a hybrid of console and handheld and much more.

Whatever the console may be, it must succeed otherwise things won’t end well for the company. According to a Tokyo-based analyst, Nintendo may not end up developing games for PlayStation , Xbox, PC, and Smartphones if Nintendo NX fails in the console space.

It won’t be viable for the company to continue spending millions in the console market.

Another flop in launching new hardware should be a sign that Nintendo is better off providing its rich game title franchises to smartphones, Sony and Microsoft.

NX needs third party developer support as well as a significant amount of install base across the globe.

Source: Nintendo

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