Nintendo NX Release and Reveal Window Shared by Nomura Holdings

Nintendo has been tight lipped about NX and what exactly it is going to be like, but we do know that it is going to offer an experience unlike any other. Well, at least that’s what Nintendo wants us to believe.

We have also come across a few patents that paint a very unique and interesting picture of NX. For example, it looks like NX is going to have a hybrid controller that’ll act as a handheld as well. It has a built-in screen with joysticks integrated, but one wonders if your thumbs will cover the action onscreen. Anyways, it is just a patent for now and companies file many such documents that may or may not represent final hardware design.

NX is expected to hit the market sometime this year with a reveal at E3, although nothing has been confirmed from Nintendo in this regard but it looks like analyst Junko Yamamura, Nomura Securities, agrees with our assumptions. For those who don’t know, Nomura Securities is Japan based and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Nomura Holdings is a major players in securities business but is also a financial services group and global investment bank.

So, according to Yamamura, Nintendo NX is hitting the market sometime this Fall. Meanwhile, Nintendo is busy planning its reveal in June, which is the month of E3 so expect big news from Nintendo in a few months time. There is more, the company will start sharing NX concepts in March or May.

It was also stated that NX will have a huge impact on 3DS and Wii U sales. While I do agree with it impacting Wii U massively, I don’t think it will really hit 3DS hard but of course, I can be wrong.

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