Nintendo NX Is A “Home Console,” Reggie Fils-Aimé Stated

Since the Wii U isn’t doing too well and might soon become a relic, Nintendo needs something other than 3DS to be relevant in the gaming industry.

That something is without a doubt NX, Nintendo’s new gaming platform. It has been awhile since we first heard of NX and Nintendo has been pretty tight lipped about it.

We knew it was a gaming platform, but what we didn’t know is of what kind? Fortunately, Nintendo’s very own Reggie Fils-Aimé spoke during an interview and referred to the NX as a “home console.”

When he was asked about their strategy to tackle PS4 and Xbox One, as both consoles are outselling Wii U, Reggie replied  by saying:

The time frame that these systems are sold is quite long, and right now we’re still at the very early stages of the current generation. The other piece I would highlight is this is a global business. Don’t just look at what’s happening here in the U.S. Look at what’s happening globally.

From a Nintendo perspective, we clearly have strength here in the Americas, we have strength in Europe and we have strength in Japan. That isn’t necessarily true of some of our more direct competitors. We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later.

It is strange how Nintendo has started talking about a new system this early in the console cycle. However, if we take Wii U’s performance into consideration, it kind of makes sense why Nintendo is mentioning NX so early on.

Well, at least we now know that Nintendo NX is a home console and will compete against Xbox and PlayStation.

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