Nintendo NX Controller Images Could Possibly Have Been Leaked

There are tons of bits and pieces of unconfirmed news for Nintendo NX, the secretive upcoming console of Nintendo, there is this alleged leak that it is a console and handheld hybrid and then there is the alleged gesture recognizing handheld portion of it. On top of that, it seems the Nintendo NX controller might have been leaked.

What’s even more interesting is that this alleged controller is exactly the same as the one we had reported on based on a patent filed by Nintendo in December last year. It looks a little weird, but the person who has leaked the images insists that “you will say wow!”

It is an oval shaped controller which is simplistic as far as the shape and buttons are concerned, but what blows us over is that almost the entire face of it is a screen.

According to the past leaks, this Nintendo NX controller also has its own RAM, GPU and CPU. In other words, we might have been looking at the console and handheld hybrid idea of Nintendo wrong the whole time, it could be that this controller is actually the handheld part instead of a fully fledged handheld like the past.

Now we know that the image could have been photoshopped too, but good old folks at Destructoid have run it through a program to verify if it had been tampered with, and they have figured that is not the case.

Whatever you are seeing up there, is actually a controller working in real life and that gives a lot more weight to the speculation that this might be a legitimate leak of the Nintendo NX controller.

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