Nintendo NX Backwards Compatibility for Wii and GameCube Isn’t That Complicated

Nintendo NX Backwards Compatibility May not be as complicated as some may think. The Nvidia Tegra X1 does support emulators for Wii and Gamecube.

Nintendo NX rumors and speculations are found in abundance over the internet. Frankly, the device is becoming a very interesting mystery which everyone wants to solve. Maybe the next Sherlock Book will do the trick!

Anyways, Eurogamer reported last week that Nintendo NX will be using a Nvidia Tegra chip. The same one that is used in Nvidia Shield Android device. It is a mobile chip that isn’t really that powerful. It definitely doesn’t line up with previous rumors of Nintendo NX being more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One.

Eurogamer also reported that due to design and architectural changes compared to previous line of machines, the new system will not be backwards compatible with Wii and GameCube.

However, the Tegra X1 chip successfully runs Nintendo games via emulators. The most popular emulator for Nvidia Shield is “Dolphine Emulator.” It works great for the device and one wonders if it can be modified to successfully work on Nintendo NX.

Of course, Nintendo will never allows such a software on its device but it shows that Nintendo NX backwards compatibility for Wii and Gamecube may not be as complicated as some may think.

We are also hearing rumors that Nintendo NX may be using an Nvidia Tegra X2 which will soon be revealed by Nvidia. We don’t know much about the Tegra X2 so we can’t comment on its architecture and how easy or difficult it may be to allows Backwards compatibility for NX.


Would you like Nintendo NX Backwards Compatibility? Do you think Tegra X1 is the right fit for the new machine?

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