Nintendo Halts 3DS XL Production in Japan

In order to promote its new Nintendo 3DS XL model, Nintendo has decided to halt production of the original 3DS XL model in Japan.

The launch of the new 3DS XL model in Japan was met very warmly, with many in the west waiting anxiously to get their hands on it as well. It was thought that both XL models would be made available to Japanese consumers but Nintendo seemingly has decided to only go along with the newer version.

The new 3DS XL is still to reach western shoes and there’s no information on whether Nintendo plans to shut down production of the original 3DS XL models here as well once it does so. The plain 3DS handheld however will continue to be produced in Japan.

The New 3DS XL boasts a new analog stick, improved 3D technology and new ZL and ZR buttons, similar to those featured on the Wii Uā€™s GamePad controller. The upcoming RPG Xenoblade Chronicles will exclusively release on the console, with it not appearing on any other models of the 3DS.

Additionally, the new version also features swappable faceplates and customizable home screens, allowing you to uniquely style your console with Nintendo-themed looks from Animal Crossing to Mario.

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