Nintendo Gets John Cena To Promote Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is partnering with WWE superstar John Cena in order to promote their upcoming new hybrid console the Nintendo Switch. John Cena will be talking about the Nintendo Switch in a living room inspired demo.

With the launch only a few days away Nintendo is trying to create more hype than ever around the Nintendo Switch and getting John Cena on board might be a great way of doing just that.

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Imagine driving in the middle of the desert and seeing a couch, TV and video game system in the middle of nowhere, or skiing down the side of a mountain and seeing another one of these surprising setups sitting there in the snow, ready for a round of gaming. It’s a striking visual, sure, but it drives home the message of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s revolutionary new video game system that launches on March 3. Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system with the portability of a handheld. The system lets you take home video game experiences anywhere you go, offering you the freedom to play where, when and how you like.

The idea behind the demo is to show off the versatility of the device as well as stressing how portable it is. Nintendo will be showing where you can play with the device and there will be a few places that we did not think of. According to the Nintendo press release:

“As a WWE Superstar and actor who is as versatile as the Nintendo Switch console itself, the performer (and Nintendo fan) Cena is the perfect person to kick off this unique tour. Known for his charisma and family-friendly appeal, John Cena will showcase the face-to-face off-TV functionality of 1-2-Switch, a Nintendo Switch launch game that features hilarious activities like milking a cow and participating in a Wild West duel. Cena will play the game with invited fans and YouTube influencers, highlighting how fun it is to play 1-2-Switch using the innovative new Joy-Con controllers.”

If you are a fan of John Cena and want to learn more about the Nintendo Switch then be sure to stay tuned. The launch of the device is only a few days away and it has already reached reviewers.

Let us know if you are interested in buying one, I for one am very interested in getting this hybrid console.

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