Nintendo Games Emulated On NVIDIA Shield Hint At A GC/ Wii Nintendo Switch Emulator

There might be more secrets waiting to be unearthed deep inside your Nintendo Switch. Rumor is, that there might be a fully working Gamecube and Wii emulator compatible with the Switch’s processor making it a (kind of) legit Nintendo Switch emulator for the company’s previous games. Let’s see what we know.

Back in early December, Nintendo and NVIDIA confirmed that Wii and GameCube games would soon become available on NVIDIA Shield in China. What we didn’t know though is that the games run through an emulator that is seemingly compatible with Nintendo Switch as well.

According to ResetEra user dragonbane (Marwin on Twitter), who claims to be a glitch hunter of the 3D Zelda Speedrun Community, there is a fully functioning Gamecube/ Wii emulator within the NVIDIA Shield, which doesn’t crash, has no graphical issues and keeps the framerate is locked at 30 fps pretty much throughout the entire game. After playing Zelda Twilight Princess on NVIDIA Shield and extracting the executable file they found out that there might be more to it. He said:

With the hints mounting up, yesterday we went ahead and dumped the APK from the shield. After extracting it I immediately found the native executable that should be the game executable if this was a true port of the game. But taking a look at it it didn’t match its GC counterpart whatsoever – especially crucial game asset strings that are required to run the game are missing.

This leaves pretty much no doubt that the executable I’m looking at is in fact a GC emulator. A GC emulator that runs one of the most demanding games on the Cube very smoothly on the same hardware as the Switch. Something tells me this emulator wasn’t created to just emulate 2 Nintendo games on a niche console in China.

After that, he continued his story Twitter, reporting that the emulator is existent and that could mean its presence on the Nintendo Switch as well. Nintendo has already announced that many old-school titles will be available on the Switch for free by getting their monthly subscription service for online play. Until the service is available we can’t know if this is the Nintendo Switch emulator that we mentioned before or if the company has some bigger plans for the console.

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