Nintendo eShop Name Change May Be Coming Soon, Says Rumor

A rumor has started to go around saying that a Nintendo eShop name change might be in the future, changing the shop’s name to the Nintendo Switch Online Shop. Twitter user Spawn Wave is the one behind the rumor, though until an official announcement is made, we don’t know the truth.

The Nintendo eShop has been in existence ever since Nintendo got into the online market, but it’s possible that Nintendo might be wanting to unify all of its different brands, especially since they recently released their Nintendo Switch Online service to gain an online equivalent to Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

While the name seems rather overspecialized, considering eventually Nintendo will move on from the Nintendo Switch, unified branding is something that any company can use, though there’s also the question of where other bits of the eShop will go.

Many different Nintendo platforms, including the 3DS, are able to use the eShop currently, so if the Nintendo eShop name change also extends to getting specialized stores for other platforms who knows how far it will extend in general.

Nintendo is still cutting its teeth with the Nintendo Switch Online service, however, which while getting praise for its low yearly price (only 20 dollars) compared to Xbox Live and Playstation Network, it’s also gotten a bit of criticism for the lack of any sorts of rewards like Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Games With Gold, which allow you a pick of several free games a month, along with things like connectivity issues.

But hopefully the Nintendo eShop name change will end up giving the store a revitalized look, allowing Nintendo to get more digital sales and more traffic on the online store in general. Once again there’s no telling if the rumor about the name change is true, but we’ll see if Nintendo follows through with it later.

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