Nintendo eShop Bids Farewell to Two Tetris Downloads

Games being taken down from Nintendo eShop are not something totally unheard of. In fact, every now and then they would send home some of their older titles. This time however, the game that is at the receiving end of the wrap is a really, really good old friend.

Multiple users of the service have received messages announcing that two of Tetris downloads are not going to be a part of Nintendo Europe’s online marketplace from December 31, 2014 onwards.

A Twitter user even shared an image of the message he received that says Tetris (Card/Download) and Tetris (Virtual Console) are no longer going to be available for purchase after the given date. Those are the Game Boy Virtual Console version and the game otherwise known as Tetris Axis in North America for you.

They message does say, however, that the software will continue to be available for re-download if you already own these titles.

This also means that you still have time before the end of the year to purchase the games, making it possible for you to download again even after both of them are no longer available for purchase.

As of this moment, nothing like that has been announced for the North American region but something tells me it is only a matter of days before an official announcement rolls in.

Just so that you know the gravity of this, a recent sales figure for the mobile version of the game revealed that it has been purchased for a many as 425 million times!

Could the decision to take down the old game from Nintendo eShop have come as a result of the latest release in the famed series i.e. Tetris Ultimate?

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