Nintendo E3 2015 Press Conference Schedule Revealed

Nintendo has released its public event schedule for the next week, specifically for the E3 press conference starting from June 16.

Nintendo will showcase its software lineup for 2015 and 2016 in the press conferences, and has divided the schedule into various conferences and events, including the return of the Nintendo World Championships.

Just like last year, Nintendo’s busy schedule is expected to last the entire week.

Below is the entire schedule, which starts off from June 14, with the new content presentation for Super Smash Bros., and lasts all the way till June 20.

Super Smash Bros. New Content Presentation
Sunday, June 14 , 7:40 am PST

Pre-E3 Nintendo Treehouse Live@E3
Sunday, June 14 , 2:35 pm – 3:00 pm PST

Nintendo World Championships
Sunday, June 14 , 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm PST

Nintendo Digital Event
Tuesday, June 16 , 9:00 am PST

Nintendo Treehouse Live@E3
June 18, 9:55 am PST

Nintendo Access Mario Maker @ BestBuy
Saturday, June 20, 5 pm Local Time

The entire E3 content and scheduling will be aired on the Nintendo E3 website.

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