[UPDATE] Nintendo Direct March Is Rumored To Possibly Take Place This Week

Update: Nintendo has officially announced through its Twitter account that Nintendo Direct will take place on 8 March 2018 at 22:00 GMT.

Original Story: When we talk about video game related rumors and leaks then we certainly can not ignore the well-known industry insider Marcus Sellars and he has not ceased to amaze us this time as well. Very recently he has been making few claims and among them is one that has captured the eyes of the gaming community. According to him, Nintendo Direct is here.

The well-known industry insider, Marcus Sellars has once again leaked an interesting information regarding the Nintendo Direct. He recently made a Tweet that Direct will be taking place this coming Thursday on 8th March. Although this a rumor but the way Marcus Sellars has said it does get the fans to speculate a little.

Marcus Sellars has a good reputation when it comes to rumors and leaks regarding video games and this is certainly not the only leak he has given out in past few days he has claimed that the PlayStation 5 dev kits are out in the hands of the third-party developers. Although at the moment that is a rumor itself.

Considering Marcus Sellars claim turns out to be true about Nintendo hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation then this will certainly increase his authenticity as a reputable, leaker.

Now if we consider that Sellars is right about this Nintendo Direct taking place then this takes us further on the speculation on what games and details will be released. We would although recommend that you do not expect much reveals because if there is something huge and interesting then Nintendo will probably be saving it for E3 2018 coming this June.

Metroid Prime 4 and a main series Pokemon RPG may possibly get touched if this Nintendo Direct takes palace. Sellars other claims also include the possibility of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and supposedly its Nintendo Switch port. Although there have been some minor pieces of evidence that support the claim.

So we can not be sure for the Direct taking place till the day comes and we find out ourselves. Until then spare your self the trouble of speculating over this rumor.