Next Nintendo Direct is Planned for Next Week, Rumor

Nintendo is prepared to make some big moves in 2019 including some new game releases and a rumored redesign of Nintendo Switch. Like every year, Nintendo will be hosting Nintendo Directs this year too to reveal upcoming releases and more for Nintendo Switch. A recent report tells us that the upcoming Nintendo Direct could take place next week in January.

This information comes from Gaming Intel which tells us that they have received this information from a reliable source. This source wants to remain anonymous and tells us that Nintendo has planned a Nintendo Direct for January 2019.

Back in December 2018, the source said:

There is a Nintendo Direct planned for January. I’m working to gather more information on it as of now.

The source then released a new statement saying:

I was told January 10th from one source. This hasn’t been cross-checked between sources. Most of my other sources are still undecided on an exact date, but certain of a Nintendo January Direct.

According to that, Nintendo Direct will be held on Thursday, January 10. It’s not a confirmation so do take it all with a grain of salt.

We have yet to confirm if this is the official release date from other sources. If Nintendo Direct happens this early, it won’t be the first time. In 2018, Nintendo hosted a mini Nintendo Direct on January 11.


The month of January has been always important for Nintendo. We saw the presentation of Nintendo Switch in the same month along with the reveal of 3DS reveal and video game announcements back in 2015.

Currently, there’s no information regarding the content that will be part of this Nintendo Direct or duration of the event. However, we are guessing Nintendo Switch games like Yoshi’s Crafted World, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon 2019 will be discussed there. Nintendo Direct means that we can get to hear news about the upcoming new releases or a new console (redesign) as rumored in the past.

Nintendo Switch has turned out to be a huge success since its launch. No one ever thought that this hybrid console could compete with the likes of PS4 and Xbox One but in reality, it is. Nintendo Switch comes with strong first-party and third-party support which provides everything the fans want from a portable console.

2019 will be also a great year for Nintendo Switch sales. According to analyst Mat Piscatella, Nintendo Switch will overcome the likes of PS4 and Xbox One to become the market leader in terms of hardware sales.

2019 US Predictions – In console hardware, Switch grows, leads market – I have Switch achieving more than 35 shares of hardware unit sales in the US in 2019, with Pokémon and continued strength of Nintendo’s evergreen franchises driving the performance.

Most of these Nintendo Switch sales will be a result of the upcoming Pokemon game according to Mat Piscatella. He also mentions that subscription services spending will also increase in 2019.

2019 overall looks to be a great year for Switch console. We already have Super Smash. Bros Ultimate to play. We are looking forward to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order release which is a Switch exclusive for the first time in the series.

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