Nintendo Explains Why It Supports Cross-Platform Play For Switch With Xbox One

Gamers were excited to know that Minecraft and Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will support Cross-Platform Play with PC and Xbox One. However, it is surprising since Sony has been avoiding any attempt from devs to support Cross Platform Play between PS4 and other consoles and Nintendo Has explained why it chose to do it.

Speaking with Gamesbeat, Nintendo of America corporate communications director Charlie Scibetta explained the reason behind allowing Cross Platform Play between Nintendo Switch games with other platforms like Xbox One and PC. According to him, they are trying to be more flexible and want gamers to have a good time.

I’m really happy just as a gamer, let alone working for the company, that [cross play is] going to be possible. We’re trying to be more flexible as a company. We’re reaching out to try and get people to interact with our IP. In this case Rocket League is [developer Psyonix’s] IP on our system, but we’re trying to get people involved with us in any way we can.

He added that some games work best as multiplayer games and some worked best as single-player only and Rocket League works best as a multiplayer game that is why they made it happen. Rocket League will launch for Nintendo Switch later this year and will support Cross-Platform Play at launch and Minecraft will receive an update that will bring this feature to all platforms.

Do you think Cross Platform Play is good for gamers or Nintendo Switch in particular? Let us know in the comments.’

Source: Gamesbeat

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