Nintendo Could Consider the Switch Price Increase Depending on Situation

Now Nintendo is not sure if they will be able to keep the Nintendo Switch price at the same point in near future.

When Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to increase the price of PlayStation 5 due to inflation, Nintendo and Microsoft publicly stated that they won’t be increasing the prices of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox respectively.

However, considering the current situation, both the companies seem to be looking into different scenarios and might end up increasing the prices eventually. Upon being asked whether Nintendo will increase the prices of Nintendo Switch or not, they told that while the company doesn’t plan any price hike for the moment but they will keep monitoring the situation carefully and will act accordingly. This means that if things go further bad economically, which are expected, Nintendo Switch price increase is a possibility.

Phil Spencer has been relaying similar message to for Xbox fans as well. While Microsoft has not immediate plans for Xbox Series price hike, they might eventually end up doing so. Microsoft has also admitted that they are loosing atleast $100 on each Xbox Series console they sell. So further increase in prices of hardware components and parts might eventually force them to do so.

Nintendo on the other hand hasn’t been selling Nintendo Switch at loss. According different estimates, the company sell the Nintendo Switch at a profit of $40-$50. If these profits plummet a lot in future, Nintendo will naturally consider the price increment. For now, both Nintendo and Microsoft are staying put and haven’t made any clear announcement related to price increase.

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