Nintendo Announces Pokemon Sword And Shield, Coming To The Switch

The day has come at last and Pokemon fans can rejoice, as Nintendo has today announced Pokemon Sword and Shield, the next generation of mainline Pokemon games that will be taking gamers to a new region, with new Pokemon, and a great many new places to explore on your journey.

The new region in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the Galar region, a region that is inspired by the British Isles, with a number of distinguished cities, hill figures, and more. We’ve also seen the game’s three Starter Pokemon, the Grass-type Grookey, Fire-type Scorbunny, and Water-type Sobble.

While we don’t know yet what these will evolve into, and we have no idea of what other kinds of new Pokemon will be in the Galar region, there’s still a good bit of information that we either were told or could infer in the various clips from the game that we saw. For instance, in addition to new Pokemon (none of which we saw), there are going to be a large number of Pokemon we already know available for capture.

These include Pokemon like Mincino, Lucario, Pikachu, Flygon, and more, and we’ll likely have many others when the game releases late this year. For now, many Pokemon fans that saw the reveal of Pokemon Sword and Shield are mainly speculating on the final evolved forms of the three starters.

While the Pokemon Nintendo Direct didn’t reveal that much information to us, we’ll likely get a lot more information in the coming months, not only revealing the evolutions of the three starter Pokemon but also new Pokemon that are exclusive to the Galar region. We’ll keep you all updated when those videos come out, so just be on the lookout for any new information before Pokemon Sword and Shield release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch late this year.