Ninja Theory Tweet Reveals Senua’s Hellblade 2 Costume Concept Art

A recent tweet from Ninja Theory gave us a look at an earlier version of protagonist Senua’s Hellblade 2 costume. While the thing looks good, the final version (which was not in the tweet) has yet to be revealed, though it hopefully will as we get closer and closer to release.

Hellblade 2 is a continuation of the original Hellblade game that came out in 2017 and proved to be something of a sleeper hit for the studio. Hellblade 2 was revealed at the Game Awards in 2019, and hopefully we don’t have much longer to wait until it releases.

Originally, Hellblade was about protagonist Senua journeying through the realms of Norse myth along with her own madness in order to persuade Hela, the Viking goddess of death, to restore her lover to life. Hellblade 2 has yet to get a plot summary, but appears to be much more focused on the Viking part.

The new Hellblade 2 costume’s concept art shows a similarly bare look as the original Hellblade, but with a few differences, such as its general design (looking more Norse) and with a variety of other accessories such as various wraps and capes alongside the headband that Senua also wears.

Of course, Senua’s outfit is only one small part of how the game will look. While Hellblade 2 seems to be a similar dive into madness and myth, there’s no telling where all we’ll be going. We could be traveling across great expanses of Scandinavia, or only a few places.

The trailer visuals we saw at the Game Awards looked amazing, and were supposedly running on the Xbox Series X’s power, but of course that’s a trailer specifically intended to catch the eye, so who knows? Either way, if you’re a cosplayer looking for the actual Hellblade 2 costume so you can copy it, you’ll unfortunately have to wait until Ninja Theory actually shows the full thing.

Hellblade 2 will be releasing exclusively on the Xbox Series X and PC, though no official release date has been stated yet.