Ninja Theory Shows How Hellblade 2 Cloud Tech Uses Flow Maps

A new video posted on Reddit by a user named AidThisFellowUser has shown off some of Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2 cloud tech. According to the caption, Ninja Theory uses actual flow maps around the terrain in order to make clouds form and dissolve naturally, which also gives us a few more hints on the game.

Originally, Hellblade was a fairly self-contained third-person game with very little in the way of vistas. If Ninja Theory intends to make use of technology to make flow maps for clouds, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing more wide-open spaces and views than in the original Hellblade.

Hellblade tells the story of Senua, a mentally disturbed young woman in the throes of psychosis who in the previous game needed to overcome her traumatic past and mental issues to attempt to persuade the Viking goddess of death, Hela, to revive her murdered lover.

However, information on Hellblade 2 has been scarce, though Ninja Theory showing off Hellblade 2 cloud tech is at least some kind of information. We may be getting more soon as well, since the game is supposed to be coming out sometime this year.

The cloud tech looks very good to begin with, as well. In the video that shows it off, clouds come together, cause storms, and break up, leaving holes in themselves as they move across the landscape. The video is only thirty seconds, but if cloud movement in the final game looks as good, who knows how beautiful the landscape will be.

Considering that Hellblade 2 will be mixing the line between madness and mythology, one can only imagine how disturbing the game will be this time around, especially after the imagery of the first game. You can watch the video of the Hellblade 2 cloud tech yourself by following this link to the Reddit post.