Ninja Theory Is Ready For Xbox Anaconda Ray Tracing, Other Studios Following?

The development studio Ninja Theory has stated that they are ready for Xbox Anaconda ray tracing, the updated version of a time-honored graphic that will hopefully make video games look better when the Xbox Anaconda actually releases. Hopefully, other game studios will be following suit as the Anaconda’s release approaches.

Ray tracing is a rendering technique in computer graphics where an image is generated by tracing the path of light with pixels on an image plane, and simulating how that light reacts when it comes into contact with other objects. This helps to create a high degree of visual realism, enhancing the graphics of a game.

Ninja Theory’s past few games been very graphically impressive, helping to add to their atmosphere. Games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and the upcoming Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR game and other games like them can rely heavily on setting and atmosphere to get gamers into the right mood, and ray tracing can help with that.

While ray tracing is a time-honored technique used by many developers today, the Xbox Anaconda ray tracing will likely look a lot better, especially since the console is more graphically powerful than something like the Xbox One. This will give developers like Ninja Theory the opportunity to develop even better-looking games.

Considering the expected graphical war between the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Anaconda, which console’s games end up looking the best can be a crucial part in the console war. This is especially true given how this generation turned out, with the Playstation 4 leaving the Xbox in the dust as better-looking exclusives and games in general came to the PS4, while the Xbox couldn’t graphically keep up.

Hopefully Xbox Anaconda ray tracing will live up to its hype, especially considering that there are rumors going around that we’ll be seeing the console’s specs at Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference.