Ninja Promises Fans Will See Him In The Fortnite World Cup Next Year

Despite being one of the biggest names in the Fortnite gaming community, streamer Ninja shocked a lot of fans when he was unable to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup event that just ended this past weekend. However, Ninja has promised fans that he’ll be in the tournament next year.

The Fortnite World Cup was a tournament of various Fortnite players from around the world, who all competed to win millions of dollars in prizes over the course of the tournament. One duo, Aqua and Nyhrox, are now duo champions and have won three million dollars to split between them.

Much like Ninja not qualifying for the tournament, the pair’s victory was a very large upset, since they beat out 49 other teams, many of which were from other, larger, better-funded and more experienced operations.

The solos tournament was won by a player named Bugha, and he will be one of the many different players that have made names for themselves in Fortnite following the end of the Fortnite World Cup. Ninja may be up against even stiffer competition next year.

Ninja said that the reason he was unable to qualify was because he likely took his reputation for granted, and thus didn’t bring his A-game to the tournament’s qualifying rounds. He partnered up with Reverse2k during the qualifiers, but after Ninja failed to qualify Reverse went solo and signed up with another group.

Doctor Disrespect, another prominent streamer who at one point was banned from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for deliberately shooting a teammate before he moved on to Fortnite, said that he would like to be Ninja’s partner next year.

Exactly how this will go in the future remains to be seen, but with the stiff competition and multiple surprises that came from this year’s Fortnite World Cup, there’s no telling how next year will go either.