How to Use Sealed Verses in NieR Replicant

In NieR replicant, Sealed Verses are powerful spells that can be obtained by learning them from Grimoire Weiss. These are acquired to improve your chances against enemies and bosses so you can bring them down during your battles with overwhelming power. This NieR Replicant Sealed Verses guide will cover everything you need to know about these verses.

How to Use Sealed Verses in NieR Replicant

You will get your hands on these as you play and proceed with the game while defeating different bosses. These spells can be found under the category of Abilities and Magic. In NieR Replicant, you will be allowed to have two magic verses at a time.


As Nier will upgrade in the game, so will the Sealed verses. This will enable you to upgrade the impact of your attacks as well. You’ll be able to cause more significant damaging effects.

How to Battle with Sealed Verses

To cast your spells, use L1/L1 on the controller. Every verse has its impact that enables you to lower the level of MP. Since you’ll have only two verses at a time during the fight, make sure you swap them to cause a more significant damage effect.

You could have four verses at a time, but only when you relinquish action controls, i.e., evade roll or block. You can restore MP quickly by hitting magic projectile with melee attacks.

Sealed Verses

Here’s an in-depth look into the sealed verses, their characteristics, and the best way to use them.

Dark Blast
Dark Blast can be used after you first reach the Lost Shrine during Route A and it enables you to initiate a long-range DPS attack that can drain your enemies of blood and release magic missiles shortly after.

Push the button several times to create more significant damage. It will consume more MP than holding the button for few seconds. The latter tend to produce minor damage along with consumption of less MP.

Dark Lance
After you defeat Hansel and Gretel, you can find the Dark Lance at the Lost Shrine. It has a long-range attack which is a spear attack to damage the foe with great speed. As the level increases, it will fire almost eight spears, causing a more significant impact. Target critical areas of rivals and bosses before attacking.

Dark Hand
The player will learn Dark Hand at the Aerie after defeating Hook. It has the long-range AoE attack and debuff. Before attacking, charge your attack to cause more damage and cast the spell to shoot more than one specific enemy. You can also decrease the rival’s armor by spelling it.

Dark Phantasm
You’ll obtain Dark Phantasm after your second encounter with Hook at the Aerie Revisited. This verse will order a look-alike to attack the closest enemy. Charge the spell to enhance the range for attack.

Dark Gluttony
Acquire this by defeating Defense System Geppetto at Junk Heap. This spell will protect you against orbs fired by enemies. It will create a shield for you and shape the orbs into big energy balls to project them in one dimension. You will hold the button for few seconds to absorb the red orbs.

Dark Wall
Found in Barren Temple after defeating Shahriyar, it has a protective shield for you. It will protect you by forming a barrier, and you can increase the size of that barrier wall by charging up. You can even pair Dark Wall with an offensive spell to improve effectiveness.

Dark Execution
After you lift the Mayor from his Deathdream in Forest of Myth, you’ll attain the spell. It is close-to-long-range AoE attack and will have magic spikes to come up from the surface to attack the enemies. You can charge up to increase the spikes for creating more damage to the enemy. His spell especially helps when there are a lot of enemies. You can attack them from all directions.

Dark Whirlwind
You’ll get this spell at the Library of Emil’s Mansion after you successfully combat Grimoire Rubrum. This spell contains defense, debuff, and close-to-long-range AoE attacks. It will release blades that will rotate. Charging up, increases the number of blades.  This repetitive damage will put down the enemy.

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