NieR Replicant P-33 and Kalil Boss Guide

In this NieR Replicant P-33 and Kalil Boss fight guide, we’ll explain how to fight P-33 and its ally Kalil in Nier Replicant Remastered.

NieR Replicant P-33 and Kalil Boss

P-33 seems like a robot built on a budget. However, it does outperform its looks, while Kalil drops in to make the fight more challenging. You’ll face these bosses during the Junk Heap Revisited (Second Route) story.

Your fight with P-33 will be divided into two phases. The second phase of the battle will begin when P-33 is left with almost a quarter of its health.

The boss will then transform itself by resurrecting some wings that make it capable of flying off in the air. Once you’ve defeated P-33, Kalil will pop up. Let’s dig into how to win the fight against both of these bosses.

Fighting P-33 and Kalil 
Beginning with P-33, there are certain attacks that you should be looking out for. Starting with the shockwave attack, it originates from the ground and spreads in every possible direction. You’ll see this coming the boss stomps its foot on the ground, and the only way to dodge is making that perfectly timed jump.

From time to time, you’ll also see several orbs coming at you. You can defend yourself by dodging them. However, they can also be shot and destroyed. Moving on to the second phase of the battle, the boss would’ve deployed wings by this time. This could only mean trouble!

The trouble begins when it flies up and smashes itself on the roof. This will cause the debris to fall on you. When it starts to rain concrete, keep your eye on the floor and look out for shadows. Keep clear of them, and you won’t be squashed by the falling roof.

P-33 won’t always use its wings to fly up. It can also fly towards you. Make sure you dodge in time to avoid being attacked. While you aren’t busy dodging the attacks, keep attacking it with magic to lower its health. Eventually, for the final phase of the battle, Kalil will show up.

She can clone herself and attack you with melee or magic from multiple directions. Try keeping your distance from Kalil to know where her clones are. This will also prevent you from being encircled by them. Meanwhile, keep attacking her with magic. Watch out for the damage circle to finish the fight.

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