NieR Replicant Number 6 Boss Guide

Found at the depths of the Underground Laboratory, a byproduct of inhuman experiments, Number 6 is a tragic boss in Nier Replicant. This NieR Replicant Number 6 Boss guide walks you through her attacks, strengths, how to counter them and how to defeat the boss in the remake.

NieR Replicant Number 6 Boss

After clearing up the shades from each room at the Underground Laboratory in NieR Replicant remaster and finding the missing keys and documents, you’ll come across the giant Experiment known as Number 6.

Crucified into the wall in the last room, the introduction to Number 6 is bone chilling as Number 7 (Emil) explains during the initial cutscene how 6 came into being and what his relationship is with Number 6. All secrets will be revealed during that one cutscene.

Before the fight starts, the first thing you want to focus on are the attacks of the boss. Number 6 has 4 main attacks in her arsenal I.e.:

  • Frontal Charge
  • Orb Projectiles
  • Flaming Orbs Shot
  • Bouncing Flaming Orbs

Frontal Charge
Charges forward once it radiates a pink aura Infront. Simply move to the other side to dodge the attack.

Orb Projectiles
Number 6 shoots Orb projectiles around the area and there’s a fair chance that you’ll get caught in them. All you can do is either guard or destroy the projectiles.

Flaming Orbs Shot
Just like the Orb Projectile, Flaming Orbs Shot are also a deadly form of attack where the boss shoots a group of flaming orbs. The best way to counter is to destroy them.

Bouncing Flaming Orbs
An advanced version of the flaming Orb shots, the boss shoots flaming Orbs before jumping to the other side of the battlefield while the Orbs keep bouncing at the middle. Just run during this attack.

How to Defeat Number 6

Focus on defeating the boss with magic attacks such as Dark Blast and Dark Lance. Attack her from behind before she leaps into the air and moves to a different part of the battlefield. Keep in mind to not use melee attacks as they’ll damage Emil inside. However, you can use melee attacks to destroy the projectiles that Number 6 shoots at you.

Make sure not to get too close to comfort as Number 6 uses her claws to leave a scratch on your face. Therefore, maintain a safe distance while attacking from behind and destroy every projectile shot at you.

Once the boss starts climbing the walls, this is your Golden opportunity to use magic attacks to eventually put her down on the floor.

At this point into the fight, Number 6 shoots more projectiles in all directions and you must counter them and use magic attacks till an attack gauge appears, indicating the end of the boss fight.

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