NieR Replicant Kaine Boss Guide

As you play through NieR Replicant’s main story, you will face many bosses of all shapes and sizes, each with its own moveset and difficulty. One of these bosses is Kaine, who you will face in the Aerie. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat Kaine boss in NieR Replicant Remake.

NieR Replicant Kaine Boss

After talking to the Village Chief, leave the village by walking all the way back. When you come to the shack near the entrance to the village, examine the flowers for a cutscene.

During this cutscene, you will face off with Kaine, and after the cutscene, the fight will start.

Kaine Boss Attacks
Kaine has a number of different attacks. One is Triple Kick, in which she continuously performs three kicks at the enemy in front of her. To dodge this, just move to either side of her to avoid taking damage.

Kaine also has a Quadruple slash in which she will perform four slashes at you with her sword. Again, move out of her way to avoid taking damage.

Another one of her attacks is Dash Thrust, in which she will thrust forward using her swords. When she does this, make sure to dodge to the side to avoid damage.

In one of her attacks called Blade Wave, she will use her sword to slash upward and shoot a magical wave towards you. Make sure to move out of the area of the wave.

Last is Spinning Slash, in which she will swing her sword in a 360 motion. Try to run away from Kaine as she does this to avoid damage.

How to defeat Kaine in NieR Replicant
Using magic against Kaine is useless as she has high resistance against it. The best method to defeat her is to use melee attacks against her in the first phase of the fight. Most of Kaine’s attacks are melee which can easily be dodged, as mentioned above.

Once her health lowers to a certain level, a cutscene will play, after which she will transform to her second phase. Now she will be able to attack you even from a distance.

Make sure you dodge the projectile attacks and try to keep a distance from her and using weapons such as a spear. Spam attacks on Kaine when she is vulnerable. Keep repeating these steps until her hp falls below 25%. When this happens, the fight will end, and Kaine will be defeated.

Second Encounter
The second encounter where you fight Kaine is after the second Gretel boss fight in the Lost Shrine. While fighting Gretel, you accidentally drive a spear through her. After Gretel is defeated, you rush to Kaine’s side and she is overtaken by her shade form.

This fight is not very hard. She will be agile and will leap around the room. Your best bet is to use is your magic attacks against her when she is on the walls. When she is struck down from the walls, use your weapons.

After you defeat her, she will tell you that she was not able to hold back the shade from taking over.

Third Encounter
The third encounter occurs in other endings. After you finally defeat the Shadowlord, Kaine is again overtaken by her Shade form. You will not have the support of Grimoire Weiss this time.  Block her attacks and chain melee attacks. This will stun her, allowing you to deal more damage.

This time, after the fight, she is incapacitated. At this point, you will have two options. Tyrann informs you that you can either trade your existence for hers or kill her.

If you kill her, she will be free of the burden. This choice will lead to Ending C. here, Nier bids Kaine goodbye and she will thank him.

As for the other choice, Nier will disappear and cease to exist. All his traces will disappear, and no one will retain any memory of Nier. This will be Ending D. Along with this, your game files will be erased as well.

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